Regular postcard Phelotrupes auratus, 100 x 150

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The golden dung beetle (lat.Phelotrupes (Chromogeotrupes) auratus)Dung beetles are beetles that feed on feces. Some species ...
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The golden dung beetle (lat.Phelotrupes (Chromogeotrupes) auratus)
Dung beetles are beetles that feed on feces. Some species of dung beetles can bury dung 250 times their own mass in one night.
Many dung beetles, known as rollers, roll dung into round balls, which are used as a food source or breeding chambers. Others, known as tunnelers, bury the dung wherever they find it. A third group, the dwellers, neither roll nor burrow: they simply live in manure. They are often attracted by the dung collected by burrowing owls.

Material: white matte thick paper of different grades.The full-color picture is printed typographically on the front side.The back side is marked up for writing the address with a place left for a postage stamp.Postcards can be sent by mail in an envelope or without it, with a previously pasted stamp and the delivery address.

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