Wholesale Offer

Save up to 53% compared to retail purchases!

Only €0.30 per postcard for orders of 300 pieces* (90 instead of €207 for 300 postcards).

*Currently each wholesale order consists of exactly 300 units, with no option for more or less.

Shipping Costs for Wholesale Orders:


  • Without Tracking: €8
  • With Tracking: 11

Europe (Excluding Portugal):

  • Without Tracking: 20
  • With Tracking: 24


  • Without Tracking: 34
  • With Tracking: 40

Other Countries:

  • Without Tracking: 32
  • With Tracking: 38

How to Make a Wholesale Order:

  1. Select postcards in the catalog and add 300 pieces to the cart.
  2. Choose a convenient shipping method and fill in the address.
  3. Select payment by wire transfer (important!) and complete the order.
  4. After receiving the initial invoice with retail prices, please do not proceed with payment. Instead, send this invoice to help@postcards.ee requesting a wholesale purchase adjustment.
  5. Await a revised invoice with the correct wholesale prices.
  6. Pay according to the received invoice with wholesale prices.

Your order will be shipped within the next working day after payment is received.